The 8 Best Places to See Wildlife in Canada (+Photos)

Canada is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. With its sprawling landscapes and diverse ecosystems, it offers some truly unique experiences for those eager to spot animals in their natural habitat. From the rugged mountains to the icy Arctic, the country’s wildlife is as varied as the terrain itself.

1. Banff National Park

When you visit Banff National Park, get ready to spot some incredible wildlife. If you’re eager to see bears, moose, or even wolves, driving along the Bow Valley Parkway or the Icefields Parkway might be your best bet. Aim for an early morning or late evening cruise down these roads, as that’s when animals are most active. The less crowded seasons, like fall and spring, are prime times to grab your camera and look out for those majestic bears and moose. Don’t forget to explore the quieter Spray Lakes Road as well; it’s a less beaten path where you could catch a glimpse of creatures without a tourist in sight. Remember to keep your distance and respect the wildlife – it’s their home you’re visiting.

2. Jasper National Park


When you head to Jasper National Park in Alberta, you’re stepping into a playground for wildlife. This vast area boasts diverse animals including elk, bighorn sheep, and moose. If you’re a fan of smaller creatures, keep an eye out for squirrels and beavers bustling about. With over 53 species of mammals calling this park home, your chances of spotting wildlife are high, especially during the spring and early summer. Remember to keep a safe distance, these are wild animals after all. Hit the trails or the many scenic drives and enjoy the natural beauty as you watch for animals in their native habitat.

3. Algonquin Provincial Park


If you’re aiming to spot some Canadian wildlife, Algonquin Provincial Park should be on your list. In this massive park, you can catch a glimpse of moose, especially during the springtime along the Highway 60 corridor. Keep your eyes out for wolves, black bears, and deer. You might even see beavers or any of the park’s 272 bird species. People often visit for the wildlife watching, with chances to see a variety of animals just by driving through or stopping at viewing points. Remember to check the local sighting boards to see where recent wildlife has been spotted to increase your chances of a great experience.

4. Churchill, Manitoba

Churchill Polar Bears

If you love wildlife, you can’t miss Churchill in Manitoba. It’s known as the polar bear capital, and for a good reason. Every fall, these massive creatures gather here as they wait for the sea ice to form. But there’s more than just bears. In the summer, 60,000 beluga whales swim into the Hudson Bay, and many continue into the Churchill River. While you’re visiting, don’t forget to look up; Churchill is also a prime spot for catching the Northern Lights. It’s a small town with just around 900 people living there, but it offers big wildlife experiences.

5. Queen Charlotte Islands

Haida Gwaii

If you’re keen on wildlife, the Queen Charlotte Islands, also known as Haida Gwaii, are a must-see. Located off Canada’s west coast, these islands are a haven for nature lovers. Visit the Kamdis Heritage Site for a chance to see diverse habitats bustling with birds and marine life. For a more remote experience, the Daawuuxusda Heritage Site is another top spot where you can get up close to the area’s unique species.

Get ready for your adventure to Haida Gwaii with a camera in hand. You’ll want to capture the dense forests, rugged coastlines, and the wildlife that calls this place home. Whether you’re hiking through the trails or kayaking around the islands, there’s always something to discover. And remember, this is a cultural gem too, so appreciate the beauty and the rich heritage of the Haida people as you explore.

6. Prince Albert National Park

Pileated Woodpecker

If you’re looking to see Canadian wildlife, head to Prince Albert National Park in Saskatchewan. Here, you’ll find forests and lakes teeming with life. Keep your eyes peeled for small mammals and various bird species, like the vibrant Pileated Woodpecker. There’s always something new to spot, whether on your own or with family. Remember to respect the wildlife; always keep a safe distance, especially when you’re observing larger animals like bears or elk. The park’s trails are perfect for hiking, and while on them, you may just encounter some of Canada’s majestic creatures.

7. Grasslands National Park

Grasslands National Park

You’ll find Grasslands National Park tucked away in southern Saskatchewan, and it’s a real gem for wildlife watching. It’s the place to be if you’re keen to see critters in their natural habitat. Picture yourself spotting black-tailed prairie dogs popping in and out of their colonies—it’s the only spot in Canada to catch them.

Keep an eye out for pronghorns sprinting across the open plains or listen for the unique call of the greater sage-grouse. Remember to pack water and tread lightly, respecting both the wildlife and the delicate ecosystem. Whether you’re hiking or camping, you’ll see why this park, with its vast stretches of native grassland, is special. Just don’t get too close to the bison herds; they’re best admired from a distance.

8. Riding Mountain National Park

Riding Mountain National Park

When you visit Riding Mountain National Park in Manitoba, you’ll find yourself in a wildlife haven. Moose roam the landscapes, and spotting one by the Moon Lake area is quite common, especially during colder months. With an estimated population of around 3,000, your chances are good, so keep your eyes peeled as you drive along highway 10. Plus, there’s a good number of wolves, between 70-100, living in the park. Remember to keep a safe distance from any animals you encounter to respect their wild nature.

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