15 Best Places to Visit in Europe in July: Your Ultimate Summer Escape Guide (+Photos)

July in Europe is a splash of vibrant cultures, sun-soaked streets, and endless daylight – a recipe for unforgettable adventures. Whether you’re basking on the shores of the Mediterranean or strolling the cobbled lanes of ancient cities, there’s a special summer buzz in the air. It’s the perfect time for you to explore, with the warm weather inviting you to discover both the iconic hotspots and hidden gems.

Picking where to go can be the fun part, but with so many amazing places to choose from, it might feel a tad overwhelming. Imagine walking through historic castles, lounging by pristine beaches, or enjoying a quiet evening in a quaint café. Europe in July offers all this – a time when life moves outdoors, and every city and town seems to host its own festival or special event, just waiting for you to join in the celebration.

1. Vienna, Austria

When you visit Vienna in July, you’ll love the sunny days and warm evenings. The city often hits high temperatures around 81°F, so pack light clothes and sunscreen. You won’t want to miss the classical concerts at iconic places like the Hofburg Imperial Palace, even though many usual venues take a summer break. For sports fans, there’s the EuroGames, with over 3000 athletes from the LGBTIQ+ community competing. And of course, the beach volleyball event brings excitement to the Danube Island every summer. Between these events and the historic sites, Vienna in July is lively and welcoming.

2. Split, Croatia


In July, you’ll find Split, Croatia, buzzing with life under the clear, blue sky. This coastal city offers a unique blend of ancient history and a lively modern vibe. Walk through the streets of Diocletian’s Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage site, which isn’t just a monument—it’s the heart of the city. The old walls house shops, cafes, and residences, making history part of everyday life.

You can climb up the Cathedral of Saint Domnius, where you’ll catch panoramic views of the city and the sea. After exploring, take a stroll on the Riva, Split’s vibrant promenade, and just soak in the Adriatic atmosphere. Don’t miss a chance to cool off with a swim in the sea; the beaches here are perfect for a midsummer dip.

3. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon in June

In Lisbon, July brings hot, sunny days, perfect for soaking in the local culture and beaches. You’re looking at temperatures around 28°C but sometimes higher. Start your morning at a café sipping on a ‘bica’ (Portuguese espresso) before exploring historic sites like the Belém Tower and Jerónimos Monastery.

As the sun sets, hit up a summer festival. Lisbon is alive with music events during this time. You might catch big names in concerts or discover new favorites at a local fest. And don’t forget the city’s green spaces — ideal for a breezy picnic or just lazing under the shade of an olive tree.

4. Budapest, Hungary


July is a prime time to visit Budapest, Hungary. The sunny streets and blooming flowers set the stage for a vibrant urban experience. You can chill in a thermal spa, a classic way to unwind in this city known for its healing waters. If you prefer something more active, Margaret Island offers a green oasis in the middle of the Danube, perfect for picnics or jogging.

Feeling adventurous? Hitch a ride on the scenic tram 2, which gives you a picturesque view of the city’s grand architecture along the riverbank. And don’t miss out on a chance to see Budapest by water. Take a budget-friendly public transport boat for a fresh perspective of Hungary’s capital. Make the most of the summer evenings with a leisurely cruise or a dinner tour to see the city lights glimmering on the water.

5. Santorini, Greece

Santorini, Greece

If you’re planning a summer trip to Europe, Santorini should be on your list. Visiting this Greek island in July means you’ll experience warm weather, ideal for the beach. Picture yourself on the black sands of Kamari or Perissa, soaking up the sun. If you prefer a view, head to the cliffs of Oia for a sunset that’s famous around the world. This is the time for boat tours around the caldera, where the blue water seems to stretch on forever.

Don’t miss exploring the local towns with their white buildings and blue domes. You can wander through narrow streets and stop by shops or cafes. Remember to try some of the local wine; the island has unique vineyards due to its volcanic soil. Just be sure to book your stay and activities in advance, as July is peak season in Santorini.

6. Barcelona, Spain

Best Time to Visit Barcelona

In July, Barcelona is sunny and full of life. You can join the locals at neighborhood festivals like Festa Major del Raval, where each area celebrates with music, food, and more. If you love the sea, take a sailboat tour and soak in views of the skyline. Or, cool off with a dip in the Mediterranean. Wander down La Rambla, a bustling street, and grab a bite of tapas. Don’t miss the chance to see the architecture of Antoni Gaudí, like the famous Sagrada Familia. Every corner has something to offer in this vibrant city.

7. Florence, Italy

Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore

Florence in July is your chance to catch the city at its most vibrant. You’ve got long sunny days, so you can explore the art at Uffizi Gallery or take a stroll on the iconic Ponte Vecchio bridge. The temperature hits the sweet spot between 16 to 32 degrees Celsius, making it perfect for sightseeing. Feel free to climb up the Tower of Palazzo Vecchio for some of the best views of the city. Be sure to taste the local flavors as Florentine cuisine is as rich as its culture. Remember, it gets pretty warm, but a gentle breeze often makes it more comfortable.

8. Prague, Czech Republic

August in Prague

Prague in July is a treat. You get to see the city in full swing with sunny days perfect for exploring. You can’t miss Prague Castle, the heart of Czech history and the biggest castle complex globally. Stroll around and soak in the views of this historic gem.

Old Town is your go-to spot for a real feel of Prague’s vibe. It’s right in the center, easy to reach, and full of life. The Old Town Square is surrounded by stunning architecture and is a great place for photos. Climb the Old Town Hall for a panoramic view of the spires and rooftops.

Don’t skip Wenceslas Square either. It’s not just another square – it’s brimming with shops, museums, and restaurants. July in Prague is lively, with the perfect mix of history and modern buzz.

9. Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh Castle

When you visit Edinburgh in July, you’re stepping into a city alive with history and charm. The weather’s mild, with temperatures often peaking around 18°C, so you can comfortably explore. Start at the iconic Edinburgh Castle, looming over the city from its perch on Castle Rock, and imagine the centuries of history within its walls. Stroll down the Royal Mile, the bustling heart of the Old Town, where shops and street performers keep things lively.

Don’t miss the chance to hike up to Arthur’s Seat for a panoramic view of the city. This ancient volcano is the perfect spot for a sunny July day. If you’re into literature, pay a visit to the towering Scott Monument. This tribute to Sir Walter Scott offers an insight into the city’s rich literary heritage. In July, Edinburgh is not just a feast for your eyes, but also a treat for your spirit with its blend of natural beauty and urban culture.

10. Rome, Italy

Best Time to Visit Rome

July is hot in Rome, with temperatures that can soar above 90°F, so pack light clothes and a water bottle. You won’t see much rain, making it ideal for outdoor activities. Visit the coastal areas to cool off, or explore the city’s famous landmarks early in the morning. Nights are great for open-air festivals and films under the stars.

Expect the city to be bustling with tourists. Head to Campo De’ Fiori for a taste of local life; the market there offers fresh produce and more. Always stay hydrated and take breaks in shaded areas to combat the summer heat. Rome’s rich history and vibrant culture are waiting for you.

11. Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm in June

In July, you’re in for a treat visiting Stockholm with its long days and mild weather. Highs typically range from 20-25°C, which is perfect for exploring the city without getting too hot. Nights are cooler, but still comfortable. If you’re into history or photography, don’t miss the Stockholm Cathedral with its stunning architecture. It’s open every day, so you can fit it into your schedule easily.

For a truly unique experience, stroll through Södermalm. It’s the city’s creative hub, with cool shops and an artsy vibe. You’ll be walking in a lively area with plenty to see. Stockholm in July is relaxed, warm, and full of life—making it a prime spot on your Europe journey.

12. Ibiza, Spain


July is the perfect time to hit Ibiza—the party capital of Europe. You’ll find the island alive with famous beach clubs and bars, rocking from day parties to all-night events. But there’s a chill side too, with laid-back lounges offering tasty food and drinks at good prices. Away from the party scene, Ibiza offers a slower pace. You can explore its culture-rich towns and stunning landscapes. The beaches are top-notch, perfect for soaking up the sun or diving into the sea. Remember, the island’s more than just nightclubs, it’s a blend of excitement and relaxation, all under the warm Mediterranean sun.

13. Nice, France

Things to Do in Nice, France

When you visit Nice in July, you’re in for warm weather and a buzzing scene. It’s a time packed with cultural events where you can soak in vibrant energy along the famous Promenade des Anglais. The city is not just sunshine and beaches; it’s also about the colorful markets and exploring the charming Old Town. If you’re up for some art, the numerous museums will not disappoint. Long days are perfect for savoring local flavors at a seaside restaurant or taking a refreshing dip in the sea. Just remember, it gets pretty busy, so plan ahead for your perfect summer getaway.

14. Copenhagen, Denmark

Nyhavn, Copenhagen

In July, Copenhagen shines with long days and a laid-back vibe. You can start by seeing the Little Mermaid statue. Despite its small size, it’s quite the icon, sitting pretty by the waterside. Just a short walk away, chill out in a nearby park for a serene break from the city buzz.

Next, you’d want to hit up the National Museum of Denmark. It’s full of cool stuff about Vikings and the country’s past, right up to modern times. Not too far from there, the Torvehallerne Market Hall is the place for foodies. Packed with local eats and fresh produce, it’s a feast for your senses.

Remember to check out the castles too! They’re not just old buildings; they tell stories about Danish history that you won’t get anywhere else. Copenhagen is easy to love and hard to leave, so soak up every moment.

15. Krakow, Poland

Krakow Main Market Square

July is a lively time to visit Krakow with its clear skies and warm days, where temperatures hover around 75°F. You can walk through the historic streets, maybe catch a breeze in Planty Park or enjoy live performances at the International Festival of Street Theatres. If you’re into World War II history, a trip to the nearby Auschwitz-Birkenau memorial is a profound experience—just prepare for a heavy heart.

In the evenings, the city doesn’t cool off too quickly, giving you the chance to dive into Krakow’s vibrant nightlife or unwind at the Chocholow Thermal Baths, a short drive away. As the second largest city in Poland, Krakow combines cultural attractions with historical depth, inviting you to explore its well-preserved Old Town and lively squares.

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