10 Best Beaches in Louisiana (with Map)

This fantastic state has a little bit of everything when it comes to beaches. Louisiana has a stretch of coast along the Gulf of Mexico, but also has a host of stunning lakeside beaches. Each beach is unique and surrounded by a landscape different from the next.

Another great thing about the best beaches in Louisiana is that some are dog-friendly, and a few even allow beachfront camping! So if you want to get outdoors and pitch your tent up along the coast without any hassle – or fees – then you’re going to love Louisiana.

There’s lots of fun water sports you can take part in too, like kayaking and canoeing (and even a little bit of surfing!). But the thing Louisiana is best known for is fishing. The waters and lakes are brimming with fish, with any luck you’ll be catching your own dinner tonight.

10. Jimmie Davis State Park Beach

The Jimmie Davis State Park Beach is the perfect place to come and play friendly matches of beach volleyball, try your luck fishing, and take the family kayaking. The state park is on a narrow peninsula that has a number of inlets – so you’re never far from the water.

If you’re a fishing fan, you’ll be thrilled to hear that the fattest largemouth bass and redear sunfish in state history were caught here! Make sure you’re always close to a grill in case you catch your own dinner tonight.

The beach has lots of campgrounds, and you can even come and book a glamping trip if you want to camp in style! Bear in mind the beach isn’t by the sea, it’s on the shores of Caney Creek Reservoir.

9. Bogue Chitto State Park

If you’re looking to mix days relaxing by the beach with a holiday in nature, then you’re going to love Bogue Chitto State Park. The park offers a great balance between beach and adventure.

There are 11 lakes in the park, and some of them have little white sand beaches on their shores. Relax by the lake and go for a refreshing swim when the sun is blazing. You can also come and sit here at night, the park’s remote location makes the stargazing second to none.

The park is home to a network of river systems that are great for kayaking! Worried about where to stay? Don’t stress! There are plenty of accommodation options, from simple camping to fancy glamping, and RV park-ups to homey cabins.

8. Rutherford Beach

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Rutherford Beach is quiet, sandy and charming. One of the biggest lures of the beach is that you can camp right on the beach! That’s right, you can pitch up your tent along the shore and even drive your RV onto the sand.

What could be better than falling asleep to the sound of the ocean waves and waking up on a sandy Gulf beach? You might be thinking it’s too good to be true, and that the beach must get packed! But Rutherford is a tranquil spot with a secluded and untouched feel to it.

The beach offers a combination of Gulf waters and the Mermentau River, the perfect place to come on kayaking and canoeing adventures. You can access the beach easily along the Gulf Beach Highway, it’s about 45 minutes away from Lake Charles. Dogs are allowed!

7. White Sands Lake Day Beach

The lake and beach are in the town of Franklinton. You can easily spend a morning or afternoon at this lakeside beach. The waters are clear and perfect for swimming in, especially on a hot day.

The kids will be thrilled to see the fun inflatables and aqua lily pads floating on the lake that they can muck about on. Whilst they play you can read your book and get some much needed downtime.

You can rent canoes and a picnic area with a BBQ grill whilst you’re here, perfect for a bigger group!

6. Fontainebleau State Park

Fontainebleau State Park© Shutterstock

The state park attracts visitors thanks to its white sand beaches and tropical feel. That and the breathtaking views in every direction. The Fontainebleau State Park has a lakeside beach whose sandy shores end at Lake Pontchartrain.

Fancy a hike? Well, there’s more than just sunbathing and relaxing in store at Fontainebleau State Park! There are more than 6 miles worth of hiking trails waiting to be investigated. If you’d rather bike you can cycle the Tammany Trace.

There’s loads to do on and around the lake too, like exploring the old sugar mills that were left behind after plantations started to shut down across the state or going paddle boarding. Why not consider it as a destination for a family camping trip?

5. Cypremort Point State Park

Cypremort Point State Park© Dreamstime

There is a gorgeous beach in the Cypremort Point State Park that overlooks Vermilion Bay. It’s a fantastic place to come windsurfing and, as with most of Louisiana’s beaches, fishing! You can rent a little boat and fish out at sea, or make the most of the popular fishing pier at Cypremort Point.

There aren’t many beachfront parks in the state, and Cypremort Point is one of the best! Don’t miss out on the chance to spend warm and joyful days on this gorgeous half mile long beach.

You can mix it up a bit and go on short trips to explore the surrounding bays, barrier islands, and coastal marshland near the beach. If you’re not sure where to stay, check out the cabins they rent on site! The location is definitely unbeatable.

4. Holly Beach

Holly Beach© Shutterstock

How will you know when you’ve gotten to Holly Beach? Well, the picturesque houses on stilts will be a bit of a give away! The beach is just an hour away from Lake Charles and Sulphur, so you can go on a beach day trip from either one.

Incredibly, this is another Louisiana beach you can camp on! Bring your tent and spend the evenings on the beach, the best place to catch gorgeous sunsets. The soothing sound of the waves will lull you into a calm and blissful state.

When you get bored of having lazy days (as if!), do some fishing or walk barefoot along the sand and look for the prettiest shells to take home.

3. Lake Charles Beaches

Lake Charles Beaches© Dreamstime

The city of Lake Charles sits along the Lake Charles lake. The town itself is charming and has some great things worth seeing, like the Charpentier Historic District. But it also has lakeside parks and a little beach.

From the marina you can sit and quietly contemplate life with magnificent views over the lake. Then head to North Beach and lie on the sand; sunbathing and reading a good book are on the agenda. Stay till sunset and delight in the eye-catching colors that brighten the sky.

Whilst Lake Charles only really has one beach, it’s close to lots of Louisiana’s best beaches. It’s just thirty minutes drive away from Holly Beach and Rutherford Beach, and just another ten minutes drive away from Little Florida Beach.

2. Port Fourchon

Port Fourchon© Shutterstock

The port town of Port Fourchon has the trademark white sand beaches typical of the Gulf Coast. Port Fourchon beach also has something that none of the other Louisiana beaches, however fantastic they are, can offer.

What’s this mysterious treat it has in store? Surfing! The beach has enough of a swell that you can catch some decent waves and put your board to use. It’s not California, but you’re still going to have loads of fun.

The beach is dog-friendly and close to lots of restaurants that serve delicious fresh seafood. If you don’t fancy eating out, grab your fishing rod and try your luck at catching your own catch of the day for dinner!

1. Grand Isle State Park

Grand Isle State Park© Shutterstock

This stunning state park on the Gulf of Mexico is in fact the only state park in the state along the Gulf of Mexico! The park is in the little fishing village of Grand Isle, which hosts exciting annual events like the Grand Isle Migratory Bird Festival and International Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo.

The wildlife here is great; there are lots of migratory birds that call this little island home for part of the year and the shoals of redfish and tarpon make it a prime spot for fishing. Keep a lookout for stingrays and jellyfish when you’re in the water though!

The park is just two hours south of New Orleans, so if you’re on a city break you could always escape the hustle and bustle for the day and come and relax here instead. If you decide you want to stay a little longer, make the most of the beachfront camping!

Map of Beaches in Louisiana

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