Visiting Chioggia: Little Venice’s Best Kept Secrets (+Photos)

Alright, folks, buckle up your seatbelts and get ready for a journey that’s part magic, part mystery, and a whole lot of pasta. We’re diving into the heart of Chioggia – Venice’s rebellious little sibling, the city that’s got secrets even Google Maps can’t uncover.

Welcome to Chioggia, where canals have more tales than a gossiping aunt, castles are hiding in plain sight, and the only thing more abundant than seafood is the quirky charm of its people.

So, grab your gondola, saddle up your imaginary steed (because why not?), and let’s embark on a journey through Chioggia.

A Dance with the Dawn

Dance with the Dawn

In the tranquility of Chioggia’s morning I found myself standing at the water’s edge near Canal Vena. A charming locale within Little Venice known to locals for its authenticity.

Follow in my footsteps by boarding a beautiful Venetian boat near the picturesque Ponte Vigo. You will find a boat strategically moored along the canal, inviting the curious to explore Chioggia’s hidden charms. Step onto the vessel, feel the worn planks beneath your feet, telling you tales of countless voyages that came before yours.

Chioggia Canal

As my boat set sail, guided by the expert hand of the boatman, I navigated the intricate waterways. Canal Vena showcased its architectural poetry, with buildings leaning towards the water, whispering tales of the city’s history. If you’re the type of person who loves a bit of Gothic and Renaissance architecture, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the stunning church of San Giovanni Evangelista or the Palazzo Soranzo Van Axel.

This journey led me through the heart of Chioggia’s veins, revealing its soul. Passing beneath arched bridges before cruising past the Mariner’s Quarter, where the aroma of fresh seafood drifted in the air.

As my boat smoothly docked near Ponte Vigo, I stepped ashore, eager to embrace the next chapter of my Chioggia adventure.

A Pedal Pursuit


Hold onto your handlebars, folks, because we’re swapping our boats for bikes and pedaling our way through a page of history along Chioggia’s Castle Route. Yes, you heard it right – medieval castles right here in this unsuspecting city. It was like stumbling upon a Game of Thrones set, minus the dragons and with a bit more focus on vineyards.

Picture the sun kissing your face, a gentle breeze tousling your hair as you hop on your trusty two-wheeler. Navigate your way through the cobbled streets, letting your bike hum with each turn of the pedal, until you find your way along Via Ca’ Rossa.

This charming avenue will lead you directly to the first jewel on this Castle Route – Castello di San Felice. A medieval marvel standing tall in its triumphs and weathered stones.

From there, you should take a small picturesque turn, winding through Chioggia’s outskirts to reveal Castello di Malamocco. Tucked away from the tourist troves, this castle is a haven of tranquility.

Castello di Chioggia

Pedal on to the grand finale, where the crown jewel of your two-wheeled adventure will await you – Castello di Chioggia. The view from the castle, perched atop its ancient walls, is nothing short of Instagram gold. #CastleGoals? You bet. The panorama unfolded – a patchwork of vineyards, canals, and a city that wears its history with pride.

Now, you might be wondering where I managed to snag my glorious bike for my medieval quest so that you can go ahead bag your own. Well, the noble steed for my adventure was rented from a charming little independent rental spot, just a stone’s throw from where we docked – you can’t miss it.

A Toast to Friendship

Toast to Friendship

If you’re a wine lover this stop off is not to be missed! In the heart of the countryside you have the opportunity to stumble upon a charming little place called Cantina del Doge. A family-owned winery that transforms sipping wine into an intimate rendezvous with passionate winemakers. Guided by their expertise, I explored rows of vines, listened to tales of artful cultivation, and clinked glasses in celebration of each bottle’s creation.

Next stop has to be Vinaria Chioggia, a boutique winery with a view that could make even a grape blush. Here, amidst the vine-covered hills, my newfound friends and I uncorked bottles that sang of dedication and craftsmanship.

Yes, you heard it right – I made friends on this vinous adventure, locals who shared not only their favorite wines but also the warmth of Chioggia’s hospitality.

We raised our glasses to blossoming friendships, the rich flavors of Chioggia, and moments that transcended a mere sip. It wasn’t just about the wine; it was about connection, shared laughter echoing through the rows, and the camaraderie that made each glass more than a beverage.

Here’s to making pals, keeping the old traditions alive, and the joyous sound of glasses tinkling under the warm Italian sun. Cheers!

A Symphony of Seafood

Symphony of Seafood

My hunger led me back along the captivating Canale Vena – a canvas of waterfront restaurants that promised not just a meal but a delightful experience. No hidden treasures here, just a straightforward feast for the senses.

For an unparalleled culinary delight, make sure to swing by Ristorante Al Bacaro. It stands proudly along the canal, offering a front-row seat to the aquatic ballet outside. Watch the sun dip below the horizon as you delve into a seafood and pasta celebration that could rival Poseidon’s banquet. Or whatever else takes your fancy – there’s plenty to choose from!

Each bite was like a celebration of the sea, the briny freshness mingling with the earthy notes of locally sourced herbs. The calamari, kissed by the flames, boasted a perfect char, giving way to a tender interior. And that pasta? Al dente perfection baby!

So if you’re looking for something that isn’t just a meal, but a gastronomic ode to the sea, be sure to consider Ristorante Al Bacaro. To waterfront feasts, to the sea’s bounty, and to the symphony of flavors that echoes along Chioggia’s charming canals.

Exploring Casa Vecia

Chioggia Night

As my day appeared to wind down, little did I anticipate a chance an encounter with local celebrity, Jackie Tonight!

A local legend, a man who embodies more Italian flair than a Fellini film, just perched on a canal-side wall, greeting passers-by. Jackie, the maestro of “Casa Vecia” (translated as “Old House”), shared tales of a life shaped by poker-fueled escapades and more name changes than a witness in a mob trial. Talk about a character!

Curiosity piqued, on his request I followed Jackie to his nearby restaurant. No regular tables or chairs in sight. Jackie’s an artist you see, and his canvas is unconventional – all the tables and chairs are actually coffins. A quirky touch that added to the eccentric charm of Casa Vecia.

But it wasn’t just a restaurant; it was a living, breathing journey through Jackie’s rollercoaster of a life. Walls adorned with trinkets from European wanderings and gifts from fellow road warriors.

If you get the chance to visit Casa Vecia be sure to take it! Because in a world of chaos, Jackie Tonight’s restaurant offers a reminder that life’s about the journey, not just the destination.

So, to those daring souls seeking an offbeat adventure, I say, point your compass toward Chioggia. Let its canals be your navigational guide, its castles your artistic muse, and its people the maestros narrating your unforgettable journey.

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