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Located in the Adriatic Sea, Pag is a Croatian island famous for its unique lunar like landscape, intricate lacework and the internationally acclaimed Pag cheese. The island offers an exciting blend of cultural heritage and breathtaking natural beauty, ranging from its rugged rocky terrain to its stunning beaches with crystal clear waters. It also offers a unique experience for those seeking relaxation and lively nightlife as well as food enthusiasts eager to savor its exceptional culinary offerings. Below are some activities to enjoy in Pag.

Party at Zrće Beach

Recognized as a premier summer party destination in Europe, Zrće Beach offers an endless festive ambiance with its selection of beach clubs and music festivals. While by day it serves as a spot for sunbathing and water activities as night falls it evolves into a lively center of dance and music drawing in renowned DJs and party enthusiasts who are eager to revel until dawn at the open air venues along the pebbly shore.

Taste the Famous Pag Cheese

Pag Cheese

A visit to Pag is not complete without sampling its iconic cheese, Paški sir. Crafted from the milk of the islands sheep that graze on aromatic herbs and salty pastures this cheese has a distinct flavor profile. Exploring a cheese factory provides an opportunity to witness traditional cheese making techniques and partake in a tasting session to savor the rich and piquant flavors that have propelled Pag cheese to global fame.

Explore Pags Lace Heritage

Pags Lace

Situated in the heart of Pag town, the Pag Lace Museum showcases the islands tradition of lace making. The tradition of creating lace has been handed down from one generation to another and is still cherished by the women of Pag today. The museum displays a range of lace designs. Some of which are incredibly delicate and detailed considered as exquisite examples of needlework. Visitors have the opportunity to witness demonstrations and purchase handmade lace as a lovely keepsake from their visit to Pag.

Stroll Through Ancient Olive Gardens

Ancient Olive Groves

The Lun Olive Gardens provide a peaceful retreat where visitors can wander amidst olive trees that have stood for centuries, some even over a thousand years old. These historic groves are not just visually captivating but they also hold significant cultural value for the island. The serene surroundings of the gardens combined with views of the Adriatic Sea offer an ideal afternoon escape, from the busy beaches. You can take part in olive oil tasting excursions to gain an understanding of the production process involved in crafting notch organic olive oil.

Explore the Saltworks

Pag Saltworks

The Pag Saltworks, also known as Solana Pag is an area where the traditional technique of sea salt production continues to be practiced. The striking geometric patterns of the salt pans set against the Velebit Mountains provide a distinctive and informative experience. Visitors have the opportunity to discover the significance of salt to the islands economy and witness firsthand the natural process of salt crystallization. Pags renowned salt is highly regarded for its quality and plays a vital role in shaping the islands culinary offerings particularly in the making of Pag cheese.

Hike to the Old Town Fortress

Old Town Fortress

Delving into the remnants of the Old Town Fortress not only offers a window into the islands medieval history but also affords breathtaking panoramic vistas over both town and coastline. This fortress complex, which includes Skrivanat Tower once formed part of a system constructed to safeguard against invaders. A journey to this landmark is steeped in tales, from centuries past and provides an exceptional vantage point from which to admire the islands architectural layout with its stone structures and winding streets below.

Unwind at Secluded Beaches

Beritnica Beach

Pag’s coast features many hidden treasures providing peaceful havens to unwind and relish the clear waters of the Adriatic Sea. Places like Beritnica, known for its rock formations, and the tranquil bay of Sveti Duh offer a serene escape from the crowded tourist areas. These beaches are perfect for those seeking relaxation, sunbathing or swimming in a setting surrounded by the islands natural beauty.

Explore the Subterranean Beauty of Pag’s Caves

Gaće bay

Pag Island boasts a range of caves each with its distinct features and historical significance. One notable site is the Pag Triangle, a triangular marking near one of these caves that has sparked various speculations ranging from ancient civilizations to extraterrestrial phenomena. Delving into these caves provides an opportunity to explore the island’s less-visited natural attractions and offers a refreshing respite from the Mediterranean sun.

Take a Boat Tour

Pag Boat Tour

Renting a boat or joining a guided tour can take you to secluded corners along Pag’s shoreline and neighboring islets. This experience allows you to uncover hidden coves, swim in private spots accessible only by sea and perhaps catch sight of dolphins along your journey. The crystal clear waters of the Adriatic are perfect for snorkeling providing a peek into the underwater world.

Cycle Through the Island’s Scenic Routes

Pag Cycling

Pag offers diverse terrains that cater to cycling enthusiasts of all levels. Whether you prefer a ride along the coast or a challenging hill ascent, there are routes to accommodate every preference. Cycling allows you to immerse yourself in the islands scenery from its rocky fields to its aromatic sage and olive groves all while staying active.

Enjoy some Water Activities


Pag’s beaches and transparent waters are ideal for water sports such as windsurfing, kite surfing, jet skiing and kayaking. The islands breezy conditions make it an excellent spot for sailing and windsurfing enthusiasts from across the globe. For a tranquil experience, paddleboarding offers a serene way to explore the coastline.

Experience the Sunset at Pag’s Lunar Landscape

Pag Sunset

To witness a truly enchanting moment visit Pag’s barren rocky fields during sunset. The surreal terrain resembling a landscape transforms as the sun sets below the horizon. The interplay of light and shadows on the rocks creates a perfect setting, for contemplation and photography.

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