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Located in the in the Kvarner region of Croatia, Rab, an island famous for its vibrant history, beautiful sandy beaches and quaint old town. The sight of its four bell towers towering over the ancient city creates a charming backdrop that blends cultural heritage with natural splendor. Offering a mix of relaxation and adventure, Rab caters to travellers with various interests. Whether you have a passion for history, love the beach or enjoy outdoor activities there’s something special waiting for you on this island. Here are some recommendations for things you can do in Rab.

Stroll Through Rab Old Town

Enclosed by walls and marked by its four striking bell towers Rabs Old Town is a treasure trove of historical charm. Take a stroll through its cobblestone streets and feel like you’ve traveled back in time. Admire the fusion of styles – from the Romanesque Church of St. Mary to the Renaissance Sponza Palace. Besides being steeped in history the Old Town also boasts quaint shops and cafes where you can indulge in local treats.

Unwind, at Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach

Stretching over 1.5 kilometers in Lopar, Paradise Beach (Rajska Plaža) features soft golden sands and pristine waters that sparkle under the sun. With its shallow and warm waters the beach is ideal for young children and non swimmers. It offers amenities such as beach bars, restaurants and sports rental facilities. Moreover the beach is known for its eco practices and has been awarded a Blue Flag designation for cleanliness and water quality.

Discover Komrčar Park

Komrčar Park

Located next to Rab’s Old Town, Komrčar Park is one the island’s hidden gems. The park features pathways adorned with a diverse collection of trees and plants, some native while others imported from different parts of the world. It serves as a haven for nature enthusiasts and those seeking solace in nature. Visitors can relax on benches scattered around the park or enjoy a game of chess amidst tall pine trees.

Hike up to Kamenjak Hill

Kamenjak Hill

The trek up Kamenjak Hill is popular among hikers looking to admire Rab’s beauty from a vantage point. The trail winds through maquis shrubland and rugged terrain leading to a breathtaking viewpoint at the hilltop. From this vantage point you can revel in the views of Rab’s diverse landscape and the glistening Adriatic Sea, especially during sunset when the sky is painted in vivid colors.

Explore the Monastery of St. Euphemia

Monastery of St. Euphemia

Tucked away in the Kampor Bay, the Monastery of St. Euphemia is a haven of peace and spiritual solace. The monastery grounds consist of a church, a cloister and a bell tower along with a museum displaying an array of art and artifacts dating back to the 12th century. Its tranquil ambiance and rich historical heritage provide visitors with a retreat from the bustling tourist attractions inviting them into a serene haven for spiritual reflection.

Enjoy the Beaches of Lopar Peninsula

Lopar Peninsula

The Lopar Peninsula is paradise for beach enthusiasts boasting an assortment of shores dotted along its coastline. Each of its 22 bays and beaches offers a unique retreat from the family friendly Livačina Beach to the secluded Sahara Beach favored by naturists. Whether you seek water activities, bars or untouched natural beauty, Lopars beaches cater to every preference. The pristine landscape also presents opportunities for hikes and leisurely nature strolls, where the salty sea breeze mingles with fragrant Mediterranean herbs.

Embark on a Coastal Kayaking Adventure


For those seeking an active adventure consider renting a kayak to paddle along Rab’s rugged coastline. The clear azure waters and hidden coves of the island are ideal for exploration by sea. Kayaking provides a perspective to uncover secluded beaches, witness marine life in the pristine Adriatic waters and savor the peacefulness of the ocean. For those interested in delving into local history and geography while navigating through the waters guided tours are also an option.

Explore the Island on Two Wheels

Rab Cycling

Rab is a haven for cyclists with a variety of trails catering to all skill levels. Rent a bike and follow the well marked paths that wind through lush forests, olive groves and along the picturesque coastline. Cycling allows you to cover ground and immerse yourself in the diverse landscapes of the island from its hilly interior to charming waterfront villages.

Immerse Yourself in the Island’s Art Scene

Rab boasts a thriving art community with galleries and studios dotting its landscape. Take some time to visit artists workshops where you can observe their creative process and maybe even acquire a one of a kind piece of artwork. In summer the Old Town comes alive with art exhibitions and cultural events that showcase both local talents and international artists.

Savor Local Flavors

Rab Cake

A trip to Rab would not be complete, without indulging in its cuisine. The island is famous for its seafood, such, as fish, squid and shellfish usually cooked with locally sourced olive oil, herbs and garlic. Don’t forget to sample the “Rapska torta,” an almond cake that is a specialty of the island. Enjoy your meal with a glass of Croatian wine to truly experience the flavors of Rab.

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