13 Fun Things to Do in St. Moritz (+Photos)

Have you ever visited a place so surreal it feels like you’ve stumbled into a dream? This is how I felt the first time I arrived in St. Moritz…and the second…and the third. If you know anything about this Swiss mountain town, it’s that it is a true paradise for skiers and snowboarders. But St. Moritz is just as wonderful, if not even more spectacular, during summer.

The town may be small, but it has a big name for itself. One of Europe’s major stomping grounds for the rich and the famous, it is a hotspot for glamorous mountainside hotels, glitzy ski-in and ski-out restaurants, nightlife, and spectacular alpine views.

Train to St. Moritz

You could think of St. Moritz as the birthplace of Alpine winter tourism, which blossomed from as early as 1860. Since then, it has been the host town for the 1928 and 1948 Winter Olympics. As a matter of fact, the town gained popularity even earlier when it was recognized as a summer spa resort thanks to its fresh mineral springs.

Between the designer-clad celebs and sometimes dizzyingly high prices, there are countless fun and wonderful things to do in and around the town year-round:

Travel on the Bernina Red Train Rail

Bernina Red Train

If you’re a fan of train travel like me, chances are you’ve heard of the Bernina Express. This stunning Swiss train (need I say more) winds its way through the Swiss Alps from Chur, through the Engadin Valley, directly past St. Moritz on its way toward Italy.

If you get a chance to take the train, traveling on the Bernina Express is a bucket list adventure that will leave you with unattainably high ‘view expectations’. I recommend taking the train from Chur to St. Moritz or even just spending a day on board. The train only runs once or twice a day, depending on the time of year, and has limited service during winter.

A Swiss train journey to St. Moritz
A Swiss train journey to St. Moritz

Ticket prices depend on how far you travel. For the full route between Chur and Tirano, the Bernina Express costs CHF 63 for a second-class ticket or CHF 111 for a first-class fare. Swiss Travel Passes and Eurail Passes cover the cost for this journey, although you will still need to reserve a seat to ride.

Pro Tip: For the best views, sit on the right side of the train when traveling from Switzerland to Italy or on the left side when traveling back towards Chur.

Ski at One of Europe’s Top Ski Resorts

Ski Resort

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but St. Moritz is arguably best known for its world-class ski terrain. Corviglia Mountain boasts over 190 acres of ski terrain over 88 ski runs and pistes. It’s best suited for intermediate skiers and snowboarders, but there is plenty of easy terrain for beginners and more technical runs for advanced riders.

Ski Resort

Ski passes are reasonable considering the quality of the terrain, starting at as low as CHF 47 per day. The average cost is around CHF 63 per day, depending on demand, and prices get cheaper per day if you ski for more consecutive days. A seven-day ski pass costs around CHF 350, which is an absolute bargain compared with American ski resorts.

The resort also has over 94 miles of cross-country ski trails, a seasonal terrain park, and a half-pipe for the tricksters.

Stroll the Banks of St. Moritz Lake

St. Moritz Lake

After a day on the slopes or after an authentically heavy Swiss meal, there are few things better than strolling around gorgeous St. Moritz Lake. The full loop is just 2.8 miles long and has a mild 50-foot elevation gain, making it a leisurely stroll compared to the more heart-pumping hikes in the area.

Pro Tip: Always wear sunscreen, even during winter. Snow reflects harsh sun rays, which can burn skin even more than the summer sun.

Get a Taste of Alpine Living at the Engadine Museum

St. Moritz Town

Full disclosure: I’ve never visited this museum myself, but I have only heard good things about it. Curated to show what life was like in the area in the past, the museum houses over four thousand artifacts showing local culture and ways of alpine life.

The 16th-century farmhouse reconstruction with carefully carved wooden furniture is said to be a highlight.

The museum is set in the St. Moritz Dorf (town). Admission is CHF 15 per person or CHF 10 for students and locals.

Go All-Out with a High Tea at Badrutt’s Palace

Badrutt’s Palace

Badrutt’s Palace is one of many grand hotels associated with the town. Each afternoon, the hotel hosts a traditional high tea in Le Grand Hall – the legendary hotel lobby.

Tea offerings

For CHF 85, two guests can dine on freshly brewed teas, savory sandwiches, sweet tarts, and pastries. You can even upgrade the experience to include a glass of champagne each for CHF 125.

The dress code is smart casual, and the entire experience will make you feel like you’ve stepped into a scene of Bridgerton.

Take the Corviglia Funicular to the peak of Piz Nair


If you’re not a skier or snowboarder, you’ll still have an opportunity to take a funicular to the peak of the mountain for a discounted lift rate. You’ll ascend over three thousand meters in under 20 minutes to reach some of the most spectacular alpine views in the world.

A round-trip ticket costs CHF 35, making this the ideal activity for a lunchtime trip in winter or to access mountain trails and hikes in summer.

Eat Raclette or Fondue, At Least Once

Raclette or Fondue

I always say ‘fondue isn’t for everyone, but raclette is’. A much milder cheesy meal than its often overpoweringly strong sibling, raclette is a mild and delicious meal of melted cheese served over boiled potatoes and vegetables, fresh bread, and pickles.

Fondue is one of my favorite meals, winter, and summer, but it is most spectacular in Switzerland itself. Be bold and order the fondue at La Stella, a traditional chalet restaurant in the heart of town. Fondue costs around CHF 38 to 45 per person and is one of the most authentically Swiss food experiences you will find.

Taste Switzerland’s Finest Chocolate


This might be obvious, but Switzerland is the land of fine chocolate. Every visitor deserves to treat themselves to a box of Swiss chocolates. Hanselmann handcrafts delicious pralines, and Laderach, a now global chocolatier on par with Lindt, is the place to go for a slab of delicious chocolate.

Ride Like Royalty in a Horsedrawn Sleigh

Horsedrawn Sleigh

When the town turns into a winter wonderland at the end of each year, one of the best ways to experience its beauty and wintery atmosphere is to tuck yourself under fur blankets on a traditional carriage ride.

Carriage rides are pretty pricey, because they’re targeted at tourists. You can book a ride through the alpine forests, near the lake, or into Val Fex.

Rides cost between CHF 80 and 200 depending on the number of guests riding and the distance you travel.

Indulge in a Spa Treatment at the Ovaverva Bathhouse


If you aren’t staying in a grand hotel with its own spa and pools, do yourself a favor and book a treatment at Ovaverva. It’s a state-of-the-art wellness center with thermal baths, saunas, a rooftop pool, and a menu of treatments and massages.

The spa is open from 10 am to 9 pm most days and even has pools for kids. A pool-only day pass for an adult costs CHF 16 or CHF 8 for kids. Access to the pool and spa (not including treatments) is CHF 40 per person.

Spend a Night at The Kulm Hotel

The Kulm Hotel

If you’re able to splurge, I can’t recommend a hotel more than The Kulm Hotel. Sure, room prices start at CHF 600 per night, but really, there is no price too high for the lavish amenities, five-star breakfast, spa access, gorgeous views, and world-class service you’ll get staying here.

Drink Traditional Swiss Hot Chocolate at Hanselmanns

Swiss Hot Chocolate

While Caotina is a great bet for a mountain-top drink or ski pitstop, you’ll want to schedule a proper Swiss hot chocolate experience at Hanselmanns. The pastry shop and cafe have been satisfying sweet cravings since 1894 and serve a velvety, rich hot chocolate paired with homemade pastries, chocolates, and bread.

Walk the Famous Wildflower Trail in Spring

Famous Wildflower Trail

If you’re in St. Moritz during Summer, you’ll want to set aside time to experience the blossoming spring wildflowers along Heidi’s Flower Trail in Salastrains. Over the course of a relatively easy one-to-four-kilometer walk, you’ll pass more than two hundred plant and flower species.

The most popular route departs from Chantarella and ends at an iconic Heidi Hut that dates back to 1792.

Pro Tip: Visit during June or early July for peak flower season and bring a camera to capture the beauty!

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